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Private Detective: Laurel Co. Man Fakes Kidnapping

Deputies in Laurel County say they thought they were responding to an armed kidnapping Wednesday, but now investigators say a man made the entire story up.

Deputies say 19-year-old Eric Young reported that he was kidnapped at gunpoint, triggering a large police response to help him out.

“We put down everything else that we’re doing because this is really bad news if this really happened, but it didn’t happen, so it’s really frustrating to us,” said Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office.


Deputies found Young walking on Tom Cat Trail. They say this is where he pulled out his phone and called 911, saying he escaped his kidnapper.

“This is a major felony he’s talking about. You know, taken at gunpoint and held against your will,” said Acciardo.

Deputies say instead of being kidnapped, Young actually spent a couple days smoking marijuana and meth.

“He was still intoxicated whenever we located him so the incident didn’t even occur.,” said Acciardo.

Deputies took Young to jail. He was charged with public intoxication and falsely reporting an incident.


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