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Wrongful Death 19 Year Old Killed in Portland, OR

Nineteen-year-old Paul William Krekeler died after collapsing on the lawn of a stranger’s house.

Paul William Krekeler died of a gunshot wound July 22, 2014. (DMV)
Paul William Krekeler died of a gunshot wound July 22, 2014. (DMV)

According to the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office Krekeler died of a gunshot wound to the chest Tuesday night in Southeast Portland’s Woodstock neighborhood, where Portland Police found him dead, sprawled in front of the home on SE 57th Avenue and Harold Street.

Several neighbors heard shots ring out, and police said he likely ran Northbound on 57th Ave before arriving at the home.

Krekeler likely died only moments after police arrived. As officers were en route to the scene to investigate reports of shots fired, they received information a man was on the ground injured.

Police said house’s residents don’t appear to have any connection to Krekeler. Furthermore, no motive has been determined in the killing.


Witnesses told officers a white SUV or truck was seen leaving the area after the shooting, but no such vehicle has been located or connected to the crime, according to police.

The teen’s death marks the 16th homicide in Portland in 2014. Krekeler had a short criminal history, including a bike equipment violation and attempt to commit a felony assault, to which he pleaded no contest.

Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call the Portland Police Non-Emergency Line at 503.823.3333, while Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information related to the case.

Lexington’s Most Wanted, July 23

Name: Kyle McIntosh; Age: 24; Sex: M; Race: White; Height: 5’10; Weight: 210

Additional individuals and details can be found at http://www.kentucky.com/2014/07/23/3348784/lexingtons-most-wanted-july-23.html?sp=/99/164/1052/1296/

Wrongful Death, Family of Nelson County Murder Victims Seek Answers

The family of a murdered mother and daughter are begging for answers. It’s been three months since the brutal crimes in Nelson County, and still there are no arrests.

On Wednesday, for the first time, the victim’s family made an emotional and powerful plea for justice. Kathy and Samantha Netherland’s family stood together on Tuesday afternoon asking for the public’s help and any information to solve the case. Now, people in Nelson County said they’re listening.


“I thought it was a good gesture. I was glad to hear the family speak out,” said Edwin Hamilton who lives on the same street as the victims.

“I think it’s real good that the family is trying to push for information, somebody knows something somewhere,” said Brad Smith, who also lives near the crime scene.

Neighbors of Kathy and Samantha Netherland said they think about the horrific crimes daily. Therefore, when the victims’ family stood united Tuesday afternoon, people paid attention.

“We love and miss them everyday,” said Stacey Hibbard, who is Kathy’s sister and Samantha’s aunt.

On April 22nd the bodies of Kathy and her 16-year-old daughter, Samantha, were found in their home on Springfield Road. Officials said both were brutally murdered.

“Then as reality set in I begged God to make it untrue,” said Hibbard. An unthinkable truth family faced as they buried their loved ones. Since then, they have been searching.

“The reality is that a murderer walks free, possibly on the same streets as you,” said Hibbard.

A reality the victims’ neighbors said they haven’t forgotten.

“It’s always in the back of your mind, you wonder who and why,” said Hamilton.

“It’s something that you wish that they could have solved right away, so that family could have closure by now,” said Smith.

Closure that could be one step closer, with a little help. Relatives are asking for information that could help solve the case, especially information on a black Chevy Impala seen in the area.

“That someone will have the strength and courage to come forward and shed light on this terrible crime,” said Hibbard.

Until then, this community said they’re standing with this family as they fight for justice.

There is a reward fund of $2,500 for anyone with any information that leads to an arrest in the murders. If you know anything, please call Kentucky State Police or Bardstown Police.

Wrongful Death Man Charged with Murder in Brutal Beating of Elderly Man

Lexington Police have charged a man in connection to a homicide investigation after an elderly man was brutally beaten and found outside an apartment complex earlier this month.

Cory Don Etherington, 32, has been charged with murder in connection to the beating of an elderly man who was found outside Old Farm Apartments on July 11. The victim was found with various injuries and taken to the University of Kentucky Hospital where he later died.

Etherington was already in the Fayette County jail on unrelated charges when the murder charge was placed.

Lexington Police have not said how they linked Etherington to this crime.

Police said they believe someone had attacked the elderly man, hitting him in the head and leaving him bleeding heavily with life-threatening injuries.A neighbor found him in the breezeway of an apartment.

Etherington was arrested in 2013 after, police say, he punched his grandmother in the face then charged at officers. Officers say they had to use a taser on Etherington to get him under control.


Police said then that Etherington is bipolar and hadn’t taken his medication when he attacked his grandmother.

She was taken to the hospital and treated for a cut on the head.

Private Detective, Volunteer Coach in Boone County Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse Charges

A volunteer coach in Boone County has been sentenced for sexually abusing six boys.

Michael Schweitzer pleaded guilty Wednesday morning and will spend 35 years behind bars.

He was arrested in June 2013 on charges of sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. Sheriff’s deputies say he molested a 13-year-old boy after drugging him with a sleeping pill. Five others came forward claiming the same situation.


Schweitzer was a volunteer coach for various Boone County youth baseball, basketball, football and wrestling teams. He had previously admitted creating videos of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Wrongful Death Driver Sentenced in Deadly Powell County Crash

The driver charged with hitting and killing an elderly woman in Powell County has been sentenced.

Martha Vivian was checking for damage to her car after crashing into a ditch.


Police said Johnny Moore was under the influence when he struck and killed Vivian.

Moore pleaded guilty to 2nd Degree Manslaughter and DUI.

He was sentenced to 10 years and 30 days.

Private Detective, Man Who Led Louisville Police on Chase Faces 45 Charges

The man accused of leading police on a chase in Louisville Tuesday will answer to 45 charges.

Police say Travis Mettling took off from a routine traffic stop and hit several vehicles during a chase. Cruisers were eventually able to box the car in at the Dixie Highway.


They had to break the windows out of the car to arrest him. He was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

Mettling was also wanted on serious drug charges in Kentucky and domestic violence charges in Indiana.

Private Detective, Ft. Campbell Military Base Resident Guilty of Wantonly Abusing Child

Ft. Campbell military base resident pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court today to charges of wantonly abusing her child, who at the time was under the age of 12, announced David J. Hale, United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky.

According to the plea agreement, Shanika D’June Pickens, a/k/a Shanika Campbell, age 28, pleaded guilty to a two count Indictment charging that she wantonly abused the child by failing to provide the child professional medical attention for burns and for failing to provide the child adequate food and nutrition that resulted in his medical diagnosis of malnutrition.


Specifically, Campbell had custody of her 3 children, including the victim in this case, known as K.V.P., who was under 12 years of age, while living on Ft. Campbell, Kentucky military base, located in Christian County, Kentucky. Between January 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011, the victim received burns to his right side and back areas. At that time, Campbell admits she was aware of the burns and did not seek professional medical attention that was available on Ft. Campbell military base for her family. Campbell further admits that her failure to seek medical attention for the burns was wanton because she was aware of and consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the child would suffer a serious bodily condition and ultimately experienced more pain and scarring to his back and right side areas than he would have experienced had he received timely and competent medical attention. The risk of that harm to K.V.P. was of such nature and degree that the disregard of that risk constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe in the situation.

Further, between October 1, 2011 and January 30, 2012, Campbell failed to provide adequate food and nutrition to K.V.P. That condition resulted in his hospitalization at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, between January 28, 2012 and February 6, 2012 during which he was diagnosed with, among other conditions, malnutrition. Campbell admits that her failure to provide adequate food and nutrition to K.V.P was wanton because she was aware of and consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk that constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe in the situation.

If convicted at trial, Campbell faced a sentence of no more than 10 years in prison, a fine of $500,000 and a three year period of supervised release. Campbell is scheduled for sentencing before Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas B. Russell on November 13, 2014, in Paducah.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney David Sparks and is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, 502nd Military Police Battalion (CID).

Arson Investigation Weapons Reported Missing From Richond Home Destroyed by Fire

Officials say at least eight guns were reported missing from a Madison County home that burned to the ground last week.

According to the Richmond Register, several knives and collectible coins were also missing from the home on Cottonwood Drive that was destroyed by flames last Thursday.


Fire crews say the blaze looked suspicious since no one was home. Fire investigators said it appears the fire started at the center of the home.The investigation is ongoing.

The family who lives there was out of town when it happened.

Private Detective, Crime Stoppers Search Suspects Who Took Bag of Diamonds

Everyone has at one point been in a hurry and either forgotten something or misplaced it.

Unfortunately, for one Lexington woman her mistake cost a Lexington jeweler, who’s already had a rough year, nearly $30,000.

They’re turning to Crime Stoppers to try to re-coup some of the loss.

Terry DeLuca borrowed diamonds for an out of town wedding, compliments of her friend jeweler Shelia Bayes.


“I went down and found the most beautiful diamond earrings and while I was down there she said how about these bracelets, how about this ring,” DeLuca said.

It happened to be raining when DeLuca was leaving the store May 16 with the jewelry.

While carrying the jewelry, a gown and magazines she fumbled to open an umbrella.

It wasn’t until she got to her car that the bag wasn’t there.

Surveillance video showed several people walking by the bag when two people pick it up and take off.

“They don’t think twice,” Lexington Police Department Det. Jason Rothermund said. “There’s obviously no conscious kicking in and they take off down High Street.”

DeLuca said she’s looked over the photos on her phone a million times and prays for Sheila’s sake that the borrowed diamonds turn up somewhere.

“We all make mistakes,” Det. Rothermund said. “Somebody capitalized on this mistake when you would hope they would do the right thing.”

You may recall back in March, thieves smashed their way into a Rolex display at Shelia Bayes and stolen $150,000 in luxury watches.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information leading to an arrest in both cases.

You can call the Crime Stoppers tipline at (859) 253-2020.


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